Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WDKN Radio - Dickson, TN Sat. Sept. 12th.

I had the pleasure of spending the hour with Diane Davis of WDKN Radio, on her Studio 1260 show last Saturday (9/12). It's a great station, newly re-opened, with a cool new music friendly owner(Michelle Reddon- Forte!)

Dickson,TN is a short 45 minutes down the road from Cub Creek Central. Saturday was a nice day to make my way out Hwy 70, through rural White Bluff, past Montgomery Bell Park and on into the historic downtown College street in Dickson, TN.
You can't miss the station. It has a big colorful hometown mural painted on nearly the entire side of the building.

I got in just in time to set-up and catch the last part of Diane's show called "Swap & Shop" and pretty cool, open line sell and trade forum for folks in the community. There were horses, old Jeeps, Nintendo’s, washing machines and a few things that were a mystery to me; being called in from all over the community - pretty fun to listen to.

Diane and I sat down for an entire hour, talked music, played a bunch of music from "Good Life" and earlier CD's as well as talking about our shared old haunts in the DC area! Diane and I didn’t know each other back in Washington, but as it turns out, we were in the footsteps of one another through adjacent high schools, piano bars, jazz rooms and the great Birchmere Music Club. It was fun to talk about the old days - for me it has been twenty years gone now!

The hour was a creative reminder of the power of radio for independent artists; especially radio so well rooted in their community.

A big thank you to Diane, Michelle and everyone at WDKN for having me on and continuing to play my music. If you'd like to hear the interview, go to the station's On-Demand listening page and follow the link to Studio 1260 for September 12th!

I plan to have the FolklahomaAppalachi-Groovetrain on the show coming up later in the fall – should be a scene with the 5 of us in there!!