Saturday, April 9, 2011

UK Tour Day 2 - Institute at Kelvedon

Slept in today, hard to shake that flight. My host John was busy working the phones for me searching for a last minute gig for my one open date next weekend. Man he is a troubadour's oasis! I headed out on the M25 around the "clockwise loop" around London. Wow the traffic !!!! Took me about 3 hours to get to Kelvedon. By now I was realizing my cough was getting worse and I was indeed plagued with my UK usual. I stepped into a health clinic where they diagnosed me with bronchitis and got me started on some antibiotics , so at least I think I'm on it early this time. I joined up with my fellow troubadours Stephanie Lambring and Cole Stacey for sound check and a bunch of good laughs that only new friends of an old struggle seem to share. We are also sharing the bill in Cambridge too so that will be a welcome interrupt to the path. I walked outside before the doors opened and saw a big line waiting to get in and I inquired if anyone good was playing for which I got the reply, "god I hope so". I told them one out of the three of us sucked but couldn't remember which one. Luckily the English and I share similar humor. My voice held out OK through my 45 min show but began to die during the last song but by then the audience had the chorus on "Stars....." and they carried it for me. I headed back to the promoters house where I had some great beer and antibiotics and listened to a bunch if new music back in his music hut in the backyard. A great way to end the night. I think we're all grabbing lunch in town before heading to Cambridge. Here's hoping for more great people to sing to and a voice to do it with. Thanks for coming along. Peace Mark
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