Monday, April 11, 2011

UK Tour Day 3 - Acoustic Routes

Got up early this evening after a restful sleep in the studio barn, but awakened by the un-restful debates between the neighbors working in their gardens this morning. Had a quick breakfast and hung out with James and his wife and his two cool twin boys Tev and Joe. Later we hooked up with Stephanie Lambring and Becky for lunch at a neat restaurant out in the English countryside. Both Stephanie and I (as well as Cole Stacy from last night's gig) were due to play the Acoustic Routes club in Cambridge together. So, after determining that the new and bizarre warning light meant that I was driving with my emergency break on, I was able to just follow Stephanie (who was smart enough to bring a GPS) to Cambridge - good thing too - the rural route was a crazy one! We got to the gig early, did sound check and had a great Italian dinner at the CB2 restaurant. I went on last for this show. It was sold out and as always, the crowd helped me to transcend my bronchitis and hoarse voice (they all love tom waits so it was cool) and deliver a good show. They all sang "Stars in Their Eyes" at the end - very fun!

Stephanie headed back to Ipswich and Cole and I were put up by a local singer-songwriter and musician oasis - Dave Streatfield! Sleep comes easy after the stress of the left hand days and the excitement of a sold out night.

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  1. I knew you were in for an interesting drive when you turned left out of The Thatcher's Arms instead of right. :-)