Monday, April 11, 2011

UK Tour Day 4 - Brasenose arms

Woke up this morning about 11:30 and had a quick breakfast with Dave and Cole. I learned in the process of buttering my toast that there is indeed a difference in taste (though not in look) between Chocolate Nuttella spread and Yeasty Spread. Wow!!! Cole later told me that the marketing slogan for Yeasty Spread is “you’ll either love it or hate it”….enough said…..yeah!

After that we sauntered off into a beautiful Cambridge afternoon to Dave’s favorite coffee shop called Limoncellos. After some cappuccino and croissants we headed back to the house. Cole had the day off with nothing to do and offered to drive me to the Brasenose Arms gig and play percussion for me (which he does quite well). It was nice to sit in the passenger seat and be able to look outside the window without the panic of which lane I’m in and what part of the roundabout I’m about to spin out of.

This part of the country is very rural and quite upscale! The Brasenose Arms is situated in a nest of hamlets and is the home place and home pub of the Fairport Convention Band. Evidently, the Brasenose is featured on an early album cover of Fairport’s.
Alan and Karen are very gracious hosts and got us a good room at the Inn and we sound checked for the 6:30 show. This was to be two sets ending by 9pm – for the Pub Quiz night. I’m still nursing the Bronchitis and hoarse throat, so a pub room was a challenge – but I made it through and all went well.

We decided to stay after the show for Quiz Night and of course the meat raffle, which Cole was thankful to lose because he’s a vegetarian. We teamed up with two folks on a 6 month holiday, taking their narrow boat down the Oxford Canal toward the Thames. Our Quiz team was dubbed the “Twangs” by the Quiz Master (no doubt my influence). What we thought might be a short 1/2 hour bit of fun, turned into be a fairly rigorous and serious 40-question game. We clearly were not taking the quiz seriously enough for the team, “Jones’s” and quite literally did not keep up with the Jones’s (or anyone else for that matter) coming in dead last, but laughed our asses off in the process!! After watching packages of meat distributed to the raffle winners, we headed for the room. I watched a movie on the old Itouch and hit the sack!

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