Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UK Tour Day 5 - BBC Cambridgeshire

Woke up in time for the 9:30 breakfast and was served up a great one by Alan and Karen. Had a good conversation about the history of the pub and the festival and the many great artists that have come through there. Alan and Karen definitely join the list of the few and far between musician oasis's. Great hosts and now great new friends - I look forward to coming back to the Brasenose.

Cole and I wandered around the village a bit, walked down through the Oxford Canal and checked out all the long-narrow boats. They ranged from a basic mini-barge to very cool houseboats that make their way down a canal that in some places is barely wider than the boats themselves. We headed back to Cambridge via some quaint village roads - looked right out of the movies to me. I kept looking for Sir Lancelot or maybe at least, Monty Python.

Dave had given us a key to his place in Cambridge so we could relax, get caught up on blogs and I could nurse my throat with some of his tea and whiskey! Man that works well.

Cole was first up at the BBC with a 7:20pm slot. This show goes out to basically all of Eastern England, so by far the biggest station I have done in the UK. We were told by other musicians that Sue loves to shake the interview up with left fielded questions, usually "if your music was a fruit which one would it be". Both of us were well prepared for that one, but she fooled us and went with "if your music were a set of clothes...." Cole handled it great, did a good interview and played several songs live. My segment wasn't until 9:15pm. Sue is one of the great interviewers, in that she understands artists and music and asks the kind of questions that make the hour go by like a minute! You can wait for the radio posting (which will come in the next couple of weeks) for my answer to the "clothes and music" question as well as the "magic time machine VW Bus" question. I played "Bye Bye Baby Jane" live and we did "Not Even New Orleans" from "American Road." We also got a good chance to talk up my new group Runaway Home and played "Tell You Goodbye" from the EP.

Cole and I hit a Greek joint for take-out on the way back to Dave's. By the time we got back (around 11pm) Dave had assembled a handful of musicians, professors and students from the area colleges (and saying area colleges in Cambridge is saying something)! They were scientists, geneticists and music lovers from New Zealand, Austria and South Africa. We drank wine and played music until about 3am - a great night.

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