Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UK Tour Day 0-1 - One Boot Shy of a Load

I showed up at Nashville airport 2 pounds overweight on my bag (NO JOKES PLEASE). So after a bit of haggling an configuring,found that removing 1 cowboy boot did the trick (so I carried that one on the plane with me).

After a short flight to Detroit and a long flight to England I found myself in line with literally about 500 others at the customs line in Heathrow. Per the usual, my check was delayed due to me being, well...a singer and having done the paperwork correctly righteousness doesn't always pay.

I picked up my Hertz rental and I have to say choosing a manual (though I've driven them for years) with the left hand gear + driving on the left - the whole bit was slightly overwhelming on a jet lagged brain. The rental guy tried to chastise me into renting a GPS saying I would never make it on my own with just a map. Well that pissed me off just enough to forgo the GPS and head out toward my first round about! I traded the smell of jet fuel for that of my clutch(good thing its a rental) and found my host about 45 min later.

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John Garth and his family have been great hosts, allowing me to crash for several hours before dinner and then out to the Antelope Bar to catch Ian Hunt on guitar. I will share a night with Ian on my last stop on the tour - The Greyhorse.

Today I am off about 3 hours to the Institute at Kelvedon, playing about 8:30. Hoping that my mandatory UK respiratory ills abate before then - it's better today after rest, tea and a beer! Cheers Mark.

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